LA Cargo Theft: 91 arrested, $18 million worth of stolen train cargo recovered

A year-long investigation into the theft of train cargo resulted in the arrest of 91 people, the Los Angeles Police Department announced. 

Since July 2021, law enforcement agencies in Southern California, were investigating a series of train burglaries that occurred in Los Angeles. 

Shocking images, taken in January 2022, showed thousands of torn up packages and boxes stretched along the Union Pacific rail lines east of Downtown Los Angeles.

Cargo thieves would break into the containers, as the trains slow down or stop in the area, go through packages and take what they can.


To help fight the new crime trend, the Los Angeles Police Department's Commercial Crimes Division established the Train Burglary Task Force.

PREVIOUS COVERAGE: Cargo thieves stealing packages from trains in Downtown LA

The task force was able to identify the suspects involved in the thefts. 


The task force, working with the Union Pacific Railroad Police, Burlington Northern-Santa Fe Police and other associated law enforcement agencies, identified two predominant "fences" and two burglary crews consisting of roughly 26 suspects.

In total, 91 people were arrested and $18 million worth of stolen train cargo was recovered.