L.A. pursuit ends in quiet Bellflower neighborhood


A man suspected of stealing a pickup truck was arrested early Saturday morning after leading authorities on a 2-hour pursuit that began Friday night in Hawthorne and traveled across several Southland freeways.

The pursuit eventually ended in Bellflower shortly after 12 a.m. Saturday when the suspect surrendered after a short standoff.

Authorities say Sheriff's deputies from the South Los Angeles station on patrol in Hawthorne received a LoJack hit on a reported stolen 2015 Toyota Tacoma out of Orange County at about 10 p.m. Friday. The deputies attempted to pull the suspect over but the suspect kept going and eventually got onto the northbound 405 freeway.

L.A. County Sheriff's deputies turned over the pursuit to CHP, which traveled on several freeways including the 10, 710, 5, 605, 22, before exiting in Long Beach, using surface streets, and getting on Pacific Coast Highway for a period of time.

Eventually, the suspect got onto the 91 freeway from the Long Beach area with the pursuit reaching speeds of up to 100 mph.

The suspect got off the 91 freeway eventually and exited at Bellflower Boulevard in Bellflower and drove along city streets until pulling into a neighborhood off Potter Street, coming to a complete stop in the 10000 block of Potter Street near Eastbrook Avenue.

After a short standoff, the suspect drove a short distance to the intersection of Potter Street and Cabell Avenue where CHP officers fired non-lethal rounds at the pickup forcing the driver to surrender.

The identity of the suspect was not immediately release by authorities. No injuries were reported.

[12:05 a.m. 3/2/19] Suspect surrenders peacefully. CHP takes suspect into custody.

[11:49 p.m. 3/1/19] Suspect drove off in pickup truck after coming to a full stop in residential neighborhood in the Bellflower/Norwalk area but it appears the pickup is running out of gas.

[11:35 p.m. 3/1/19] Suspect seen reaching for something on the passenger side. CHP officers with weapons drawn and fixed on the suspect vehicle.

[11:33 p.m. 3/1/19] Suspect has come to a full stop in a residential neighborhood in the 10000 block of Potter Street in Bellflower.

[11:31 p.m. 3/1/19] Pursuit slowing down on Potter Street in a residential neighborhood.

[11:30 p.m. 3/1/19] Pursuit has exited into Bellflower.

[11:28 p.m. 3/1/19] Pursuit on eastbound 105 freeway.

[11:26 p.m. 3/1/19] Pursuit exited at Alondra from the 710 freeway briefly. Suspect got back on the northbound 710 freeway.

[11:25 p.m. 3/1/19] Pursuit now on the northbound 710 freeway.

[11:21 p.m. 3/1/19] Pursuit now on east 91 freeway approaching Wilmington.

[11:12 p.m. 3/1/19] Pursuit now on northbound 710 freeway.

[11:11 p.m. 3/1/19] Pursuit is back in Long Beach. West on 91 freeway passing Cherry Avenue.

[11:08 p.m. 3/1/19] Pursuit now on North 605 freeway. Suspect driving with lights off.

[11:06 p.m. 3/1/19] Pursuit has entered the eastbound 91 freeway from Cherry Avenue in Signal Hill. Approaching 405 freeway at approximately 95 MPH.

[10:59 p.m. 3/1/19] Pursuit passing 405 freeway along Cherry Avenue in Signal Hill.

[10:56 p.m. 3/1/19] Pursuit now on downtown Long Beach.

[10:54 p.m. 3/1/19] Pursuit exited onto Long Beach surface streets where the suspect briefly lost control but continued on. Pursuit ongoing.

[10:52 p.m. 3/1/19] Pursuit continues on southbound 710 freeway from PCH.

[10:45 p.m. 3/1/19] Suspect driving with lights out at a high rate of speed traveling northbound on Pacific Coast Highway in Long Beach area.

[10:42 p.m. 3/1/19] Pursuit off in Studebecker/Norwalk area.


The California Highway Patrol is currently in pursuit of a possible stolen pickup truck on the eastbound 10 freeway heading to downtown Los Angeles Friday night.

Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies attempted to pull over the driver when the driver failed to stop and the pursuit began Fox 11 picked up the chase as it traveled on the 405 freeway.

No further details were immediately known.