Kids hoping for snow days get creative with "bribes"

Whenever snowflakes start falling, kids start hoping for a snow day. But some kids have found a creative way to do more than just hope: attempting to bribe their superintendents with candy.

Festus, Missouri superintendent Dr. Link Lutrell says snow was just starting to fall in early January when he heard his doorbell and found a box of Nerds candy with a handwritten note that read: "Don't be a nerd #callitofflink."

Lutrell responded with a hashtag of his own: "#TryingToTwistMyArm."

Lutrell isn't the only superintendent to encounter some enterprising students trying this trick. Hillsboro, Missouri superintendent Dr. Aaron Cornman posted a similar photo of a sugary bribe waiting for him during the same snowfall. Waiting outside his door was a collection of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and a note: "You know what to do."

"The first round of 'Please Call School Off Tomorrow' candy has arrived," Cornman wrote. "Students in my neighborhood really wanted a Snow Day!!! They remembered my favorite!"

Of course, it should be noted that school was in session for both districts the next day.

Still, it's worth a shot next time you're in need of a snow day, but students might want to make sure they finish their homework, just in case.