Kidney stone? Nope, it's a baby

A Henry County woman got the surprise of a lifetime when she went to the hospital for abdominal pain.

Stephanie Jaegers told her husband Michael she believed kidney stones caused the pain.

"I was having these waives of cramping, is the best way I can explain it, and some lower back pain. And anybody I talked to said it sounds like Kidney stones," Stephanie said.

The first question for Stephanie from doctors at Piedmont Henry Hospital in Stockbridge last Tuesday was if she was pregnant.

"'You're not pregnant?' I was like 'no. I would know," said Stephanie.

She said no, but an ultrasound showed Stephanie was 38 weeks pregnant.

"In my mind I'm thinking, well I don't tell you what I'm thinking. But I'm like 'I'm going to have to tell this man again there's no baby in there,'" said Stephanie.

Within hours, Stephanie gave birth to Shaun Jude Jaegers, a healthy 7-pound baby boy. Stephanie said they were able to come up with the name so quickly because they had planned to name their other child Shaun had she not turned out to be a girl.

"How was this in me? He was breached sitting with his little feet up by his head. He couldn't wiggle. He couldn't' move and the doctor said that's why you didn't feel him," said Stephanie.

Her husband, Michael, posted on Facebook about the experience of being told you're having a baby in minutes.

Stephanie told News Radio 106 7's Christy Hutchings she took every step in her first 3 pregnancies to make sure her babies would be born safely.

"I believe everything happens for a reason. He wasn't in the cards, he wasn't in plan but he's meant to be here for a reason. Maybe one day I will understand. He is a sweetheart and I'm glad he's here. I wouldn't change it at all," said Stephanie.

Even though she didn't follow the normal guidelines with her fourth child, Stephanie says her new son is the healthiest of the bunch.

As for how crazy it was to not know she was pregnant…

"That's what I thought too when I read the stories. I'll be less quick to judge them because he can happen," said Stephanie.

This was even more of a shock knowing a doctor had diagnosed her to be in early menopause just a year prior.