Keith has a peaceful personality and a sense of hope for the future

Keith, born in 2005 has a peaceful personality and a sense of hope for the future. Despite his multiple medical challenges, Keith appears to be more relaxed and receptive to contacts from his regular care team and social worker. He seems to be able to sense the familiarity of this group and the TLC given by them. While Keith can't respond in the traditional way, he enjoys being around people and being talked to.

Keith is developmentally challenged due to his medical needs but he is able to receive beside school services. These services help enrich his growth through stimulation of the five senses.

Keith has preferences about how he likes to be positioned in bed, and prefers his left side. Keith is an example of personal resilience because he shows perseverance even when he is dealing with a difficult day health wise.

Keith was born with some complex medical needs that has caused mild hearing loss, visual impairment, and seizures among others. He requires the use of medical technologies such as G-tube for feeding and other several interventions including physical, occupational, and visual therapies.
All services are in place for Keith. Any family stepping forward will be provided with the necessary training and support to parent Keith. Keith needs a family that will talk to him, sing to him, care for him and be his greatest advocate.

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