Keenan Anderson: Cause of death revealed for man shocked by LAPD Taser 6 times

Los Angeles County coroner's office revealed the cause of death for Keenan Anderson, the man whose arrest – and eventual death – sparked protest earlier in the year.

Anderson, a high school English teacher working in Washington, D.C., died in Los Angeles Police Department custody hours after he was involved in a crash in Venice on Jan. 3. In a series of body camera videos released by LAPD back in January showed the 31-year-old suspect running from officers through traffic. After a chase down that ended in a struggle between Anderson and police, Anderson was shocked by a Taser at least six times.

Fast-forward to June 2, autopsy from LA County revealed that Anderson may have died from the effects of having an enlarged heart and cocaine use. The manner of death is still yet to be determined, LA County coroner's office said Friday.

LA County said autopsy on Anderson was finished back on January 11 and cause of death was certified Thursday, June 1.

Anderson was the cousin of Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors.