Joe's Law would require drivers to be drug or alcohol tested for car accident deaths

A Senate Panel approved SB 1054, known as "Joe's Law," and will move to the full Senate for action.

Joe's Law is in memory of 18 year-old Joseph, a teenager who was driving with friends through Quartzsite on June 17, and died when a car slammed into them.

"The driver that killed our son was never drug or alcohol tested and then not knowing is excruciating," said Tana Smith, Joseph's mother.

Tana spoke before the senate panel in support of Joe's Law.

The bill requires drug or alcohol testing for driver's involved in crashes that causes serious injuries or death.

"We found out that nearly everyone we talked to thought that this was a bill and that this was already law, and it's not and we've got to do something to help other families that lose their loved ones," said Steve Smith, Joseph's father.

Senator Lupe Contreras spoke emotionally in support of Joe's Law. He lost his sister in a car crash when she was just 18.

"I know what that pain is cause here I am today and I'm able to sit up there and hopefully pass this law that will hopefully prevent another family from having to endure what we have endured for so many years," said Senator Contreras.

The panel approved Joe's Law on a 7 to 0 vote.

"If we can go forward and help other families take part of their pain away, that's our goal," said Smith.