It's a bird! It's a Plane! It's.... a Party-House Controversy!

He dresses up as Superman. His wife, sometimes, as Cat Woman. We are talking about Bastian Yotta who says he is a businessman, a life-coach, works with beauty products and products related to technology.

And, he's very philosophical. Yotta tells me as he shows me his 10-bedroom party house that he tells people, "don't find yourself. Create yourself. You can create yourself today as Superman and tomorrow as Batman and three days from now Mickey Mouse. Don't care. Don't take it so serious."

But, some of his neighbors in the Hollywood Hills apparently have some serious feelings about Maria and Bastian Yotta. In the past the three-story glass home his has been known as a party house sometimes rented by celebrities. Some neighbors tell me partiers have poured out onto the street. There was traffic congestion. And, there are some that apparently worry it could happen again. As his sits on a thrown he says he really likes he and his wife say the neighbors have nothing to worry about.

Maria says the two want to be good neighbors. Her husband adds, "I would say ring my bell and talk to me. I would never decline any neighbor. If there's a problem. We find a solution. And, most problems happen because people don't communicate with each other."

The Yottas say there has been one housewarming party with 350 people back in May since they moved in. They describe it as very organized and having an event planner. There were also buses to shuttle guests from parking down the hill. Police were called to the event three times. Bastian says there never found any problems except one. The Yottas had a caged lion at the event. That didn't go over well with police.

The couple's whole goal right now is to create a reality TV show based on the life-coaching going on in their mansion. Ten beautiful women staying in ten rooms learning how to achieve life goals. He says this will not be another Playboy mansion.

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