Irvine teen creates COVID-19 donation website

Like a lot of seniors in high school, Jackie Ni should be looking forward to prom and graduation right now, but it's not happening. So, he's using his time for homeschooling and something else.

He's created a website to help bring together hospitals and senior citizens centers with people who want to donate important supplies.

So far, through his website,, they’ve collected over 136,000 kinds of medical-grade masks from N95's to fabric face coverings.

As he shows off the website and how it works Ni he tells FOX 11, before March 21st when he activated the website, there was no other system to easily bring the needs of donors and recipients together like this.

Kyle Moeglin, who works with Ni on the project, knows that Jackie will be missing Prom, Graduation and all of those great Senior Year things that bring teens closer together but, he adds, "I think that, for Jackie, all those things are great but really his bottom line is not wasting his time. He wants to help."

And, it's pretty clear he wants to do that!