In Depth: LA Metro

In segment one, Hal is joined by LA Metro CEO Stephanie Wiggins to talk about some of the recent changes affecting the LA Metro, including the opening of three new downtown stations and the Metro regional connector. 

That will allow commuters to go from one end of the city to the other without having to change trains.

Wiggins also says there will be a Metro extension to LAX by the end of next year. They also discuss the progress of the Purple Line and some new subway cars that are being put into operation.

In segment two, CEO Stephanie Wiggins returns to discuss some of the challenging issues Metro is dealing with, from crime to homelessness, to people dying on the Metro.

Wiggins says that a multi-layered approach is what is needed to solve these problems.

She says that riders appreciate the unarmed ambassadors who can help out, but aren’t able to handle any enforcement.   

She says that’s where the contract security and public officer security come in. She tells Hal about how important the partnership with the LA County Department of Homeless Services has been vital in assisting with unhoused individuals who may be using the trains and stations as shelter.  

She shares the shocking statistic that 50 people have died this year in the Metro system, largely from opioid overdoses.

In segment three, Metro Art Executive Officer Maya Emsden joins Hal to talk about the art sponsored by the LA Metro.  

She says the LA Metro has had a poster program for the past 20 years, and you can collect the posters for your home.

Emsden tells us that LA transit may have the biggest art program and they focus on both established and emerging artists.  

She tells Hal just why she believes art is important in infrastructure projects.