In Depth: LA County's DA & Fire Chief discuss MLK's lasting legacy

In 1965, Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. came to Los Angeles. The city was in turmoil after the Watts Riots. He tried to put things in perspective.

And, continued to preach against violence, but for change. This week's FOX 11 News IN DEPTH looks at Dr. King through our incredible archival footage from 54 years ago and in-studio guests two guests LA County DA Jackie Lacey and LA County Fire Chief Daryl Osby.


Just days after MLK Day, LA County DA Jackie Lacey and LA County Fire Chief Daryl Osby join us for an in depth conversation about the man, his legacy and what it has meant to them. In this segment, both discuss their admiration for King and how he paved the way for them to have the public jobs they have.

Also, in this segment, incredible footage from our KTTV archives of King in LA in 1965. We hear from King and talk about his various messages.


Producer, Director, Actor, Dancer and Angeleno Debbie Allen talks about growing up in the South. This is a story we did for this show back in 2017.

It was for our Black History Month show and, as it turns out, Black History Month is coming up in February. She talks about the horrors she saw as a child and how that served to propel her into a successful future. Afterwards, Lacey and Osby discuss Allen's comments.


The Chief and DA talk about current race relations and what lies ahead.


A reminder our podcast this week is a one-on-one with Chief Osby and some revealing details about his own family's dealings with race relations growing up.

Listen to the podcast here: