In Depth: Alzheimers and Music

In segment one, Hal is joined by neuroradiologist Dr. Suzie Bash of RadNet, Inc. Bash talks about the new Alzheimer’s drug Leqembi, which has recently been approved by the FDA and will be covered by insurance. 

Bash explains how the drug works and how effective it is. She says there’s another drug in the pipeline, Donanamab, which has yet to be approved but is showing even better efficacy.

In segment two, Dr. Dale Bredesen is a neuroscience researcher and an expert in neurodegenerative disease. He tells Hal that there are things that work on Alzheimer’s disease even better than drugs.

He references Precision Medicine Protocols, which he says outperform current drugs.   

He says there are other modalities that can be beneficial for Alzheimer’s disease patients and those include diet, exercise, de-stressing, detoxing, sleep, brain training and targeted supplements.

In segment three, Allen Sanford, the founder of Beachlife and the Beachlife Festival, joins Hal to discuss next month’s Beachlife Festival in Redondo Beach. 

The festival takes place September 22 – 24 on the beach in Redondo Beach and features big names such as Jack Johnson, Shakey Graves, The Doobie Brothers, Wynonna Judd, Brad Paisley and many more.

Sanford explains why the South Bay is the perfect place for this more intimate and laid back festival.

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