Immigration activists call on OC sheriff to cut ties with ICE

Upset about the deportation of local inmates, immigration leaders delivered a letter to Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes asking him to cut ties with ICE. 

On Wednesday, over 100 immigrant leaders and advocates from across the state marched to the sheriff's department to personally deliver the letter to Sheriff Barnes. 

According to a report by the Harbor Institute, there was a 1200% increase in the OCSD’s transfers of individuals to ICE custody for increased detention and deportation.  

"The amount of people that the Orange County sheriff transfers in comparison to counties like L.A. County, who is three times our size, we are still transferring more people than even L.A. County," said activist Laura Hernandez. 

The sheriff's department responded by doubling down on its transfer policy with ICE, saying it hasn't changed since 2018 when SB54, the California Values Act, went into law. 


In March, Sheriff Barnes spoke to county lawmakers on the issue saying, "To use discretion notifying transfer certain serious offenders to ICE custody. This is recognition by the state legislature that some cooperation must exist in order to keep the public safe."

"He continues to continuously deflect and point fingers in the opposite direction and throw his hands up like it's not on him. It's not his fault, but we all know that he does hold that power," Hernandez stated.