Retired LA County deputy disappears during vacation in Greece

He was supposed to meet on a Greek island but never made it back. A retired Los Angeles County deputy has disappeared during a trip 7,000 miles from home.

FOX 11 spoke with the missing man’s brother, who remains puzzled by Albert Calibet’s disappearance.

"I don’t know," said Oliver Calibet, holding back tears. "My hands are tied."

Albert, who is a seasoned hiker, took off on a four-hour hike in Greece. His friend alerted Greek authorities after the retired deputy didn’t make it across the island on time.

The friend who was with Albert has since been giving the Calibet family updates of the desperate search from Greece.

Time is now of the essence as the search continues for Albert, who has been missing for more than two days at the time of the June 12 newscast.

"We’re almost on three days here," said Oliver. "There’s no water… I’m very distraught."