Houston Tipping's Attorney: Officer died after 'wrestling move' attack that injured head, broke neck vertebra

An attorney representing the family of Houston Tipping claims the late Los Angeles police officer died from a gruesome attack, which goes against the department's claims he died from a training accident.

On Thursday, attorney Bradley Gage made multiple assertions on behalf of Tipping's mother. Back in June, the 32-year-old officer received a hero's sendoff from the Los Angeles Police Department. But since his death in May, his mother believed his death came at the hands of his peers at LAPD. His mother is now suing the city, alleging her son was targeted because of his knowledge about rape allegations against other officers.

In her Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit, Shirley Huffman alleges wrongful death, battery and whistleblower retaliation.

"Tipping was clearly being targeted," Gage said.

In a news conference, Attorney Gage drew a line from the day tipping was severely injured in training to a July 2021 investigative report taken by Tipping. In that report, a woman claims four LAPD officers sexually assaulted her. One of those officers is believed to have been in the same four-day training session with Tipping.


"The intention was to cause them harm and to keep him quiet. To shut him up, I believe, so that he would not continue with this allegation of sexual assault against the officers," Gage said.

Tipping's medical records say the officer's head injuries were caused by a fall from a height.

Gage begged to differ in a news conference.

"What we understand happened is there was a pile driver type of wrestling move in which officer Tipping was picked up off the ground and thrown violently onto his head," Gage said.

In addition to apparent head injuries, Gage claims Tipping suffered three broken neck vertebra, a perforated liver and broken ribs.

FOX 11 reached out to LAPD for comment on the attorney's allegations against the department. LAPD responded by saying the department does not comment on pending litigation.