Homeless encampments invading the Hansen Dam area

They are being moved from streets and parks, not allowed to park rv's they live in, so where are the homeless in Los Angeles going?

Hansen Dam is the latest place where residents and visitors say they are tired and scared. Hikers and equestrians in the popular recreation area have videos and photos of large encampments blocking the trails and water ways. Some claim they have been threatened with axes, machetes, and other weapons, when they try to approach people living in these encampments complete with furniture, and makeshift kitchens.

One video shows a horse almost rearing as his rider comes upon the large tents blocking their usual trials. Our Fox 11 crew accompanies one of the park rangers, as he shows us the extent of the problem, which he says, they are trying to deal with. But even with monthly cleanups, they can't keep up with the problem. So, what happens when we try to approach some of these people?

What is or isn't being done about the problem. One homeless residents refuses to give up her bb gun. Another says they plan to stay. Those who live and want to use the park say they are fed up, and frustrated, and fear that it will take some violent act, or an out of control homeless fire, for something to be done.