High gas prices spark struggle for food truck vendors: 'You really have to roll the dice'

Food truck vendors who cover their own gas are desperately trying to stay afloat amid record prices.

Zaytoona Food Truck owner Muhammad Al Deri has started setting up in down Seattle a lot more over the past couple of months. Gas prices are making it harder to travel across Washington state like he used to do. 

"I have to change my prices to cover the gas," Al Deri said. "Otherwise, it’s not worth it."

On the other side of the country, Black Market BBQ owner Jon German and his wife have tried to set up near Atlanta in places without other food trucks. Skyrocketing gas prices are making it harder to find those spots.  

"We just can’t do it, because maybe they only have 20 people that show up," German said. "Unfortunately, I’ve got to do better than that just to stay afloat." 

So, German is setting up at events like fairs and festivals more often, but that means higher entrance fees and more competitors. 

"Nothing is really guaranteed," German said. "You really have to roll the dice and really do the best you can." 

If costs stay this high, Al Deri said he might not be able to afford his truck anymore. 

"I’m not sure if I’m going to stay in the same business," Al Deri added. "Then, I have to find something else. How much are you going to keep raising the food prices on the customers? Then, they’re going to stop coming."

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