Hecklers interrupt LA district attorney debate in Pasadena; Lacey a no-show

An ACLU-hosted debate between candidates for Los Angeles County District Attorney was interrupted by hecklers complaining about the questions being asked in Pasadena on Monday night.

Former San Francisco DA George Gascon and former public defender Rachel Rossi participated in the event, but current L.A. District Attorney Jackie Lacey was a now show. It was the second out of three recent debates she has not shown up to. 

Her campaign declined to explain why. 

The debate covered a range of topics before it was abruptly interrupted by protesters who were upset there were no “black questions” asked of the candidates. 

“None of our questions were asked, no black questions were asked, the meaty gritty questions, the unwatered down questions that matter to us the most, cause were gonna be electing someone whose in charge of our lives,” one man yelled.