Hatchet wielding homeless man terrorizing Highland Park neighborhood

Residents of a Highland Park neighborhood say they are being terrorized by a hatchet wielding homeless man.

Surveillance video sent to FOX 11 shows the man trying to cut down trees.

Tracy, who's cameras captured the man, says she's too afraid to leave her house or go on walks with her newborn. 

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"I've submitted numerous 311 reports, I've reached out to my local city council member and we just haven't heard anything," she told FOX 11.

The man was seen roaming the neighborhood with knives, machetes, and the hatchet. 

"The police have stated that since he's not hurting anyone directly that they can't do anything. It's not against the law to carry a hatchet or machete," Tracy added. 

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Many people say in LA the homeless have more rights than homeowners. The city is spending billions to combat the homeless crisis