Grad Standout: Charter Oak High School teen to pursue degree in law and psychology

She’s an outstanding young woman pursuing a degree in psychology and law.

But health issues are taking a major toll on the family of FOX 11 Grad Standout Jasmine Garza.  

Jasmine’s mom, Lisa, nominated the Charter Oak High School grad. Lisa is a single mom and admits she wants to give Jasmine the world. That’s been difficult since Jasmine’s freshman year when Lisa was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, a disease that kills around 50,000 people a year.

Despite Lisa’s serious health challenge, Jasmine has persevered.

She loves doing art projects and she loves helping others. Jasmine is also an only child, which has fortified their mother/daughter bond.  

Congratulations Jasmine Garza from Charter Oak High School in Covina for being featured on FOX 11’s Grad Standouts!