Gina's People: LA Kitchen

"Charity is often times about the redemption of the giver not the liberation of the receiver and I just wanted to set up a system where everybody who comes here can be liberated," says Robert Egger. For the last 27 years, Egger has been liberating thousands of people in Washington DC. through "DC Central Kitchen." A place that has been employing the un-employable and feeding millions of people. Now, he wants to do the same in Los Angeles.

Egger runs LA Kitchen, a 15-week culinary school for youth getting out of foster care and adults released from jail. All of the dishes prepared, go to the homeless, senior citizens and after school programs.

LA Kitchen has three main goals. The first is to make sure the food thrown away by restaurants and stores doesn't go to waste. The second is to create jobs and the third is to have delicious healthy meals. Egger says, "The LA Kitchen is about feeding hunger. But there's a deeper hunger that fascinates me, you know this desire to have something bigger than yourself."

Egger is a child of the 60's, an era that deeply inspired him. "When I was a kid, giants were on this earth. I lived in Southern California when Kennedy was assassinated. I was here when Dr. King was assassinated. I was here when Cesar Chavez ended his 25 day fast. I witnessed these things as a child. How could I do anything else with my life than to try to be part of making this world a bigger, better place," says Egger.

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