Mother traumatized after husband, 4-year-old son are injured in 710 freeway shooting

A mother is recalling the traumatizing day her husband and four-year-old son were injured in a shooting on the 710 freeway.

The shooting happened at around 5 p.m. Tuesday along the northbound lanes of the 710 freeway near the 105 in Paramount. According to CHP, an unknown SUV drove alongside the victim's vehicle and fired an unknown number of shots. 

The mother, who did not want her identity revealed, told FOX 11 she was driving with her husband in the passenger seat and her son in a car seat when the shooting happened. 

"When I accelerated, I heard a ‘pop,’ an impact, and then I turned and asked my husband what happened. I saw my husband and the blood on his face, and at that moment, I saw the hole in the window and then my son started yelling and crying," she said in Spanish. 

She said her husband was injured from the shattered glass, but was looking down at his phone when the shooting happened, nearly missing the bullet that then traveled into the backseat where their son was in his car seat. She said her son was also looking down at a phone, and therefore, the bullet grazed the top of his head.

"When my husband touched his little head [their son], he raised his hand and told me our son was injured, and when he raised his hand, it had blood on it and I thought my son was killed, and my son then started saying, 'I'm OK, mom,' but I know when people get shot, they don't die in that moment, it takes time, so I was panicking, and I saw the car seat with the bullet hole," she said. 

She said she was yelling for help while trying to avoid causing an accident on the freeway, but no one stopped to help. She called 911, and CHP officers and firefighters responded to the scene. 

The shooting involving her family was one of three freeway shootings in LA County within 24 hours.


"Afterwards, I started watching the news and my sister told me there was another freeway shooting and that person passed away. I thank God [we are OK] and for the telephone [because her son was looking down at the phone] because that's why the bullet only grazed his head," she said. 

The mother described the incident as a "nightmare." The husband and son had to be taken to the hospital via ambulance following the shooting, and both of them are healing physically, but mentally and emotionally, the family is struggling. 

"We are not at peace because every second, we remember what happened. The doctor told my sister that my son has trauma because something bad happened. None of us, my husband, my son, nor my sister can sleep. It was a centimeter, an inch that made the difference for my son," she said. 

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CHP officers are looking for the suspect involved in the shooting. They took the family's car for evidence, and now, the family does not have transportation. 

"We need the car for school, for my husband to work, and I don't have a way to get to therapy, or our medical appointments," she said.

She said the shooter has "destroyed" their family. 

"[That person] destroyed three innocent lives, including my son who is just starting his life. It is not fair," she said.

The family has set up a Go Fund Me page to help with medical expenses and a new car seat.

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