FOX 11 News In Depth: Oroville Dam, homeless students & 99-cent soul food

This week on FOX 11 News: In Depth we take a deeper look at several topics, including the Oroville Dam crisis, what it's like being a homeless college student and a longtime chef cooking up 99-cent soul food.

Segment 1: We start with the Oroville Dam crisis in Northern California. It hasn't been reported locally, but a third of our water in Southern California comes from the Oroville Dam via Metropolitan Water District. In this segment, MWD General Manager Jeff Kightlinger says Southland consumers are likely to pay higher rates in a couple of years from the crisis and expensive job that will be required to fix the dam's spillway. At the round table to talk about this will be Department of Power Acting Director Mark Pestrella and Robb Whitaker, General Manager of the state's Water Replacement District. We will also take viewers to Morris dam to talk about our local dams.

Segment 2: Amy, Heidi and Michelle Hurtado used to have things pretty good. They lived in an apartment, had plenty of friends and went to school. About a year ago, Heidi says, "My family got evicted from our apartment and then we went from living in a motel, to living in a shelter, to living in the street and then back at another shelter. It's been kind of difficult." But they are trying to stay in college. In this segment, a story you don't often hear... homeless college students.


Segment 3: In this segment we continue our conversation about homelessness in Southern California. What's being done to deal with the growing numbers of homeless men, women and children suddenly on the streets and shelters. Why is it happening? What's being done about it? On our roundtable are Orange County Supervisor Andrew Do and Joel Waldman with the Los Angeles Homeless Services Agency. We'll also hear from "Smitty" who has spent the last couple of years on the streets.


Segment 4: We end this weekend's show with a wonderful story about Chef Marilyn Cole. She's been cooking-up soul food in the Crenshaw District for 28 years and has a big following. One thing she does each year is a thank you day to the community where everything on the menu is 99 cents. That's coming up in March! The ingredient in her recipe for success that people seem to like? She says of her cooking, "I do it with love."


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