FOX 11 News In Depth: A look ahead to adult pot use in 2018

You may not know the name George Jung, but you may have heard of "Boston George." Jung went to prison for 25 years for possessing 100-pounds of pot.

Johnny Depp played him in the movie 'Blow'. When he went to prison he had no idea pot would become legalized. He says, "It had been talked about, but never did anyone ever believe it."

200 booths at the LA Convention Center are filled with devices and manufacturing equipment. There are things to help better grow pot and sell it.

One of the things you won't see here is marijuana and that's because it's not legal to do that. However, when it becomes more widespread in California what kind of player will California be?

John Kagia with New Frontier Data says, "LA is going to be the capitol of cannabis in the world. California is going to be the most influential cannabis market in the world. First, its size…40-million people and the longest established medical cannabis environment."

Kagia says surveys show one in ten Americans already consume pot. So, to him the bottom line is that "California is going to extremely important to legal cannabis."

"It's a gold rush," says the co-founder of the Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition.

"It'll be huge", according to Marijuana Lawyers Marc and Craig Wasserman. Marc says, "Because just the sheer numbers…the people that are here…that are in the cannabis community and how long its already been here in the black market."

But, both say the black market won't be going away.

Meanwhile, "Boston George" is amazed by what he sees at the conference. His words: "In the beginning it was mind's like being John Wayne and taking a rocket ship to the moon."