Foothill communities brace for Santa Ana winds

Foothill communities along the San Gabriel Valley and San Bernardino County are particularly worried about the forecasted Santa Ana winds.

Arborists and tree trimmers have been working nonstop to clear the many trees that came down over the weekend, especially in Claremont where huge trees remain untouched where they landed on some roofs. 

One noticeable situation are the healthy-looking trees being uprooted because they were planted next to sidewalks and roads where roots wouldn't grow. Those trees get tall, and if not trimmed to clear cross branches, "they are like a wall getting hit by wind gusts," according to tree trimmers. 

Sadly, many cities planted pines, sycamores and ficuses along sidewalks, trimming only to keep them a couple of feet from power lines. 

Here are some of the advices shared by experts: 

  • If you have those trees near your home, have them trimmed.
  • Don’t park vehicles under trees and big palm trees during wind events.
  • While this Santa Ana is not expected to be as strong as the weekend’s, there will be more