Family members gather at private memorial service for Nipsey Hussle

Family members and close friends gathered Wednesday afternoon at the historic Angelus Funeral Home in the Crenshaw District for a private memorial service for slain rapper Nipsey Hussle.

It was their chance for some quiet time with their son, brother, cousin and friend.

Hutch, a longtime family friend of Nipsey Hussle says he attended the private family funeral service to pay his respects to a young man he's known since he was a baby.

"His body looks peaceful. He looks at rest. He looks like he didn't suffer," said Hutch. "You have his parents in there trying to support everybody telling them to lift their heads up we're still gonna keep on his legacy and keep it positive like he would want it...and he still wants you to ride for him as he called it."

And ride Nipsey will -- one final time on Thursday in a 25-mile procession through the streets of L.A. after a public memorial service at Staples Center.

The route begins near University Park and heads south on Vermont passing Exposition Park and continuing seven miles to Century Boulevard. It then heads west into Watts passing the iconic Watts towers before coming back east through Inglewood and heading north on Crenshaw to pass the Marathon clothing store.

The entire route is expected to take about two hours before Nipsey's body is brought back to the funeral home and eventually to his final resting place.

Fans and mourners from across the country have been visiting the store non-stop since Nipsey was shot and killed.