Elijah Robinson: Prep basketball player's disappearance leaving family, community on edge

The 17-year-old Rancho Verde High student has his family worried.

Very worried. 

They have been canvassing the area around the Manhattan Beach Pier, where an Uber supposedly dropped off Elijah and a teenage girl, a week ago. Since then, he has not answered his phone or contacted his family. He has missed practices and games which, according to those who know him is highly unusual.

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"He is not the kind of kid to lie or disappear. He is not involved in anything like gangs," says his clearly-concerned mother, Chantel. 

His coach and just about everyone we talked to echoes that. 

Robinson has been living with his grandmother in Moreno Valley to be close to the basketball program that is his life. 

On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, he asked grandma if he could use her account, which he has access to, to buy a video game. That day, there was a charge by Uber, who dropped him off near a pizza restaurant next to the pier.

Detectives tell his mom that there was a teenage girl with Elijah in that Uber who got off with him. 

Mom does not recognize the name, and detectives have not answered our inquiries so far to tell us if there is another family missing their teenager.

But "he is shy with girls," says his coach, Johnny Duke. Duke adds Elijah would have never missed practice, let alone two games, even if it was over a girl. 

The coach also described Elijah as a "respectful, well-behaved kid."

His cousin, Isaiah, who is Elijah’s age, says he never goes without his phone. Isaiah also said Elijah has neither texted nor answered their messages and calls for a week. 

"Something is wrong" is what we hear again and again.

The family will have another canvassing event tomorrow, Wednesday, at the Manhattan Beach Pier, at 11 a.m. They are asking the public to join them as they hand out flyers. 

If anyone knows anything, here are the detectives who are handing the case:

  • Detective Thompson at Manhattan Beach PD 31-802-5100 (press 6 for the detective desk)
  • Deputy Rose Elizarraraz at Carson Sheriff station (310) 830-1123.