'Dump Mr. Trump' Signs Made at CHIRLA in Preparation of Protests in LA

Brian Acevedo is going to be a senior in the fall at a Pacific Palisades high school. Like many high achievers, he's spending part of his summer as an unpaid intern. I caught up with him at the L.A. offices of "CHIRLA'', the Coalition for Humane Immigrants Rights of Los Angeles.

He and a dozen or so of his friends were making protest style signs in anticipation of Donald Trump's visit to LA tomorrow to speak to low key conservative Republican Hollywood oriented group with the odd name '' Friends of Abe''. Acevedo and his friends messages, as you could plainly read on what they were creating, were things like 'Dump Mr. Trump.'

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"Donald Trump coming to LA is not something that LA wants, '' Acevedo, who came here at age 8 alone from Guatemala, said , "He's against immigrants.''

Trump would say that's not correct, but Trump also understand the furor and outrage he caused during his June 16th speech in New York announcing his Presidential candidacy, when he said '' Mexico sends people.. that have lots of problems, bringing drugs, bringing crime. They're rapists, and some I assume are good people.'.

Trump has since said that he was referring to the Mexican government, that he loves the Mexican people, but it all rang very hollow to Mexicans here like Diana Colin, head of what CHIRLA calls it's action fund, who takes it personally'. She says she was undocumented, others would call it illegal, for years before she married a U.S. citizen here. As for Trump ''

This is the wrong place for him to come to try and raise money, she said. She plans to be at the swanky Luxe Hotel on Sunset in Brentwood tomorrow night which is where and when Trump is scheduled to speak. Trump is going around telling people that he's going to ''win the Latino vote'' in his typically brash style. I know at least two people who disagree with that prediction.

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