DOJ sending poll monitors to LA County, 24 states to protect voter safety, rights

With an influential Election Day this week, the Department of Justice announced Monday it's sending poll monitors to 64 jurisdictions across 24 states, including Los Angeles County, to protect voter rights. 

The monitors, which will be made up of people from DOJ's Civil Rights Division as well as from U.S. Attorneys’ Offices.

In addition to protecting people from things like voter intimidation or voter suppression based on someone's gender, race, etc., the monitors' job also includes enforcing the Americans with Disabilities Act, to ensure that people with disabilities have equal opportunity to access the polls. 

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Election monitors are nothing new, according to the DOJ. The Department's Civil Rights Division has been monitoring voter safety in elections since the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. 

Monday's announcement comes nearly a week after the DOJ raised concerns about reports of armed people watching ballot boxes in Arizona. Four counties in Arizona are included in list of jurisdictions to which DOJ is sending monitors. 

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In addition to LA County, ballot monitors will also be in Sonoma County north of San Francisco. 

DOJ personnel will also be at the polls on Election Day to take complaints from the public about any possible violations of voting rights laws. Voters can also file complaints online or by calling 800-253-3931