Doctors explain ultra red light therapy and how it can strengthen your immune system

We know we need to wash our hands often and stay 6 feet apart, but there's another way to do our part in making sure we stay healthy.

We can boost our immune systems. You can accomplish that by using the color red. It's called ultra-red light therapy. 

It uses light to treat inflammation, wounds, aches and pains, and strengthen your immune system. 
This could potentially be the light at the end of the long tunnel we are all in - and that light is red.

Brooke Luciano and Jeff McKeever own two red light therapy clinics. 

Other than that red light, what's happening to you is invisible but effective according to Dr. Joseph Leahy. 

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"These wavelengths go into the body and penetrate the skin. They get absorbed inside the cells," says Dr. Leahy. "That's how cells repair faster produce more energy produce more proteins."

The healthier we are, the stronger our immune systems, the more likely we can fight off any illness. O pets too! 

"We treat dogs cats and even horses," says Brooke. 

Building a stronger immune system is helpful in fighting Covid-19, but can ultra-red light fight the bad guy directly? 
"It may actually be possible with the right frequencies but we don't know enough to say it definitely yet," says Dr. Leahy. 

For now we wait for a vaccine, physically distance and do our best to stay healthy. 

"The most important thing you can do to boost your overall health is to normalize or boost your immune system," says Dr. Leahy. 

Ultra Red Light Therapy is not covered by insurance but at $50 a session it's somewhat reasonable cost.

To boosts your immune system, Brooke suggests three sessions to see results and then maintenance sessions after that. And so far, there are no side effects to ultra red light therapy. 

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