Disneyland's Space Mountain shut down after man climbs down moving ride

One of Disneyland's most popular attractions was shut down after a man climbed off a moving roller coaster.

A man with a cognitive disability was able to maneuver himself around a safety feature in Space Mountain while the ride was making its initial climb, according to Anaheim's Police Department. He was not injured.

The ride has been closed down since the incident happened Tuesday afternoon, disappointing many park-goers

But attorney Brian Kabateck, who has worked on other cases involving Disneyland, says he's not surprised to hear of something like this happening.

"They're largely unregulated and unobserved on an ongoing basis so if something happens like this particular event, then the state of California debt of occupational safety will come in and go about an investigation and that's when they notice there are defects," said Kabateck.

He says it's often up to the individual park to do their own inspections. But now that the state is involved, it could be a while before the ride is back open

"There are state investigations. So that means the state will take its time to get into the investigation and not the economics of how much money an economic park may lose because of a ride being closed. And because of that, they could take weeks," said Kabateck.

Disney didn't have an answer as to when the ride would open.

FOX 11 also asked Disney's spokesperson why anyone was able to maneuver their way out, and what can be done to prevent something like this from happening. They have not yet made a statement.