Diddy allegedly forced student, ex Kim Porter to take ecstasy during sexual assault, according to new lawsuit

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Sean "Diddy" Combs allegedly sexually assaulted a fashion student throughout the '90s, according to a new lawsuit filed Thursday in New York.

April Lampros, a former Fashion Institute of Technology student, said Combs "promised to mentor her" in the industry after meeting in 1994, but their friendship "quickly manifested into an aggressive, coercive, and abusive relationship based on sex," according to documents obtained by Fox News Digital.

Lampros recalled "four terrifying sexual encounters" with Combs, one of which was from 1996 when Combs "forced" Kim Porter and Lampros to take ecstasy and then "demanded Kim Porter to have sexual intercourse with Ms. Lampros."


Combs and Porter dated for nearly 13 years and have three children together. Porter died in November 2018. She was 47.

The night of the encounter with Combs' late ex-girlfriend, Lampros recalled feeling "lightheaded and lethargic" after Combs "forced the pill down their throats to ensure the pills were swallowed," according to the documents.

Lampros "vocally opposed" the idea of sexual intercourse with Porter, but "Mr. Combs quickly reminded her that she had no control over the situation as he could make her lose her job." At the time, Lampros was interning at Arista Records, the parent company of his Bad Boy Records label.

Documents stated that Combs "sat close by, masturbating for some time before pushing Kim Porter off Ms. Lampros" and forcing himself inside of her, "and raping her."

She attempted to end communications with Combs, but he persisted and invited her to Kim's birthday party. Porter "was very resentful of Ms. Lampros after she was forced to engage in sex acts" with her, according to the documents, and had her fired from a restaurant Lampros was working at in the Soho area out of retaliation.

Lampros said the rapper "had a terrible temper and often threatened to harm her if she failed to do what he said, if he witnessed her talking to other men, or if she failed to take his phone calls."

She was also "not allowed to talk about her relationship with Mr. Combs to anyone because he did not want anyone to know he was seeing her because she is a white woman."

The acts were not isolated to the state of New York, as Combs allegedly flew Lampros to Atlanta and Miami where they would spend time together, docs stated. Lampros claimed the "first rape" occurred at the Millennium Hotel in New York. She recalled informing Combs that she wasn't feeling well, but "he ignored her words and continued to take off her clothing."

"Months after the first rape, Mr. Combs pursued Ms. Lampros. He sent her gifts, cards, and flowers and used his power and access to music industry events to lure Ms. Lampros back to him," documents stated.

In another encounter, the "All About the Benjamins" rapper allegedly forced himself on Lampros in a parking garage with an attendant watching. She claimed the final encounter happened in 2000 when they saw each other at an event at Rockefeller Center.

He allegedly kept calling her after seeing her, and "offered to send his driver to pick her up." A few days later, he called again and she allowed him to come over.

"Mr. Combs began apologizing for his past behaviors; he started telling her that he was a changed man. He then showered her with compliments, telling her how good she looked and kept reminiscing about their prior sex life. He then began dropping hints about them having sex. Ms. Lampros rejected his advances," documents stated. "Suddenly, out of nowhere, Mr. Combs violently grabbed her and forced himself onto her."

Representatives for Combs and Lampros did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital's request for comment.

Combs is also being sued by Liza Gardner, Jane Doe, Joi Dickerson-Neal and music producer Rodeny "Lil Rod" Jones. Combs has denied each of the claims.

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