Deputy DA John McKinney says if George Gascón is recalled, he'd run for LA County DA

Could Los Angeles County see a new District Attorney in the coming months?

Organizers of the campaign leading the push for the recall of embattled LA County DA George Gascón says they have enough signatures required to get the recall on the upcoming ballot. The group, who claims they gathered "well over" the nearly 567,000 signatures needed to make ballot, will deliver the signatures to the LA County registrar of voters on Wednesday afternoon.

If the recall effort gets the necessary approval from the county, the recall push could make the ballot for either the Nov. 2022 general election or a special election, which would take place between December 2022 and January 2023. 

On Tuesday, Deputy District Attorney John McKinney revealed to FOX 11's Marla Tellez that if Gascón gets recalled, McKinney would run for the Los Angeles County DA.

"If this recall is successful and an election is called, I do intend to run a vigorous, hard-fought campaign to restore public safety to Los Angeles," McKinney said. 

McKinney, who joined the Los Angeles County DA's Office in the late 1990s, says he is confident in his experience serving Southern California and vowed to spread proportional justice if he gets elected.

"I think I have the experience to do it. I've been encouraged to do it by many of my colleagues, and I'm ready to take up that challenge if it comes."