December 26 is the 4th busiest shopping day of the year

December 26 is the 4th busiest shopping day of the year, and certainly a lot of people come out to get deals and all the gifts they didn't get under the Christmas tree.

People also make those returns of gifts they either didn't want or didn't fit. About 4% of gifts actually do go back. If you're going to make a return, make sure you have that original receipt or gift receipt to make your experience a lot faster and easier. It's also a good idea to know the store's policy when it comes to returns. Make sure the tags are on the items as well. Employees are making sure those shelves are stocked for those exchanges.

This is the best shopping season since 2011, so retailers are getting the spike they need. Online sales were up 18%, and even brick and mortar stores were seeing more foot traffic. The economy is doing well according to analysts. Mastercard stated that it's not just wealthy people coming out to spend their dollars; people living paycheck to paycheck are spending, too. The economy is booming and more people are willing to shell out some money.