Days before graduation Mt. Sierra College suddenly shuts down

Mt. Sierra College in Monrovia has suddenly shutdown, just days before its scheduled graduation ceremony.

According to the Office of Student Assistance and Relief the for-profit technical college closed Monday.

The school's president, Brian Chilstrom, wrote in a letter, distributed school wide, that the college, "due to severe financial problems, cannot continue to hold classes and will be

Mt. Sierra College's accreditation has reportedly been in jeopardy since November 2012.

According to the Office of Student Assistance and Relief, a student whose school closes has the right to request a refund from the school, request to have his/her student loan(s) discharged by contacting
the loan servicer, request reimbursement of tuition from the Student Tuition Recovery Fund and to transfer to another school.

DeVry University is reportedly going to accept transfer students and offer waived registration fees and reduced tuition.

CNS contributed to this report