Covina couple sees masked men with guns through 'Ring' doorbell

Terrifying moments for a family of three from Covina when an attempted break-in was captured on video.

Now the search is on for two suspects.

It was just 9:15 at night on Tuesday on a quiet residential street in Covina.The 'Ring doorbell' alert went off on both their cell phones.

Mom and dad were ''in shock'' at what they saw.

Two men, with bandanas hiding their faces, hoodies pulled up over their heads, one with a revolver, the other with a crowbar, knocking on their door.

She called 911 and put their kid inside a closet. He went to the gun safe, got his weapon out, and was ready to shoot whoever came through that door.

Fortunately, and for reason the family and Covina police didn't fully understand, the two suspects simply turned and walked away.

Not much of a description though, but there was a sighting of a white panel van leaving the area. Were they targeted? Was it random? Don't know.

Police are checking with surrounding jurisdictions to see if there's been anything similar.

The family had just moved into the neighborhood about a year ago, now they say they're thinking about moving.