Couple seeking medical treatment reunited with stolen dog

You may remember Monday's sad story of how a couple had their van and puppy stolen while the wife was in the hospital in Oxnard- We have a happy update!

A day after Christmas, Brandi West was reunited with one of her best friends.

On Sunday, while Brandi was in the hospital, thieves stole the couple's van which is also their home from St. John's parking lot in Oxnard.

Life possessions, including Scrappy, who often detected Brandi's seizures, were gone.

Brandi's husband, Brian, said this earlier this week, "My wife has nothing. When she get out of the hospital, she has nothing but the gown she's wearing right now. We have nothing. No paperwork, no money, nothing."

The community wouldn't stand for that.

On Christmas, a homeless man donated a second van he fixed up.

Viewers gave over $4,000 dollars.

It has truly opened my mind to human kindness," said Brandi.

On Wednesday, another glimmer of hope. Police said they found their van.

"I immediately got there as fast as I could - I was bracing for the worst, when I got there, Scrappy was in the back just cowering down," said Brian.

Brandi was thrilled.

"It's the first time I've seen her smile in days," said Brian.

Grateful to have their beloved companion back -- now knowing entire community is watching out for them.

"We're very grateful because we're not from around here, we don't know anybody and to get that much generosity- was overwhelming. In this low spot, it gave us hope," said Brian.

As for Brandi's brain surgery, she says St. John's can't help with the specific surgery she needs.

But the good news is that she just learned yesterday that they will keep her here until they can transfer her to another hospital.