Comic book legend Stan Lee dies at 95

Stan Lee is the mind behind the most recognized pop culture comic book characters in history: Spider-Man, the Hulk, Thor, X-Men, Iron Man.

But the final chapter to Lee's own story came to a close Monday at age 95 when the legend passed away at Cedars Sinai.

Lee was born in 1922 in New York city.. and got his first job in comics at just 16.

But his most famous characters he'd go on to create--weren't always embraced.

Lee told FOX 11 three years ago about the first time he pitched Spiderman:

"He said Stan that's the worst idea I've ever heard. People hate spiders, you can't call him Spiderman. You can't make him a teenager. And he has personal problems? Don't you know what a super hero is. He booted me out of the office," said Lee.

Those bosses had a change of heart and for decades, Lee and Marvel comics dominated the comic book industry

Films based on his Marvel characters grossed over 15 billion worldwide

His fans say the power in his work though, came from being able to connect with everyone

"It spoke to minorities, LGBTQ communities, minority rights, a lot of that stuff touches on not feeling like you don't fit in and x-men really honed in on that- being chased out, kicked on society - people will remember that for ages to come," said fan J. B. Ghuman Jr.