Chosen LA County residents ages 18-24 can get $1,000 monthly checks

A small group of chosen young Los Angeles County residents could receive $1,000 monthly checks for up to three years.

According to an announcement from Los Angeles County Supervisor Hilda Solis on Wednesday, the county launched a 3-year guaranteed income pilot program for 300 chosen residents between the ages of 18 and 24 who are currently getting county employment services through the General Relief Opportunities for Work (GROW) program.

"These young people have had to develop personal strength and resilience to overcome so many challenges in their lives. Much like all of us, they just need an opportunity to put their talents and abilities to work. Offering guaranteed income could very well be the key to fully unlocking their potential," Solis said in a press release.

The announcement comes weeks after the county unveiled the guaranteed basic income program for 1,000 chosen residents. The recipients in this version of the program were chosen from more than 180,000 applicants earlier in the year.

"Given the huge number of L.A. County residents who applied, it's abundantly clear that a guaranteed basic income is an idea whose time has come," LA County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl said earlier in the year. "I'm confident that we will see what other pilots have already shown: that a guaranteed basic income, by giving people a bit of financial breathing room, allows them to stabilize their lives and that of their family.

"Three years from now, I feel confident that this L.A. County program will be seen as a foundation stone that led to expanded programs providing economic opportunity and stability to every eligible American household," Kuehl said back in August 2022.

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