Celebrating 70 Years of KTTV: New evidence in Menendez murders could mean new trial

In January, KTTV marks 70 years of broadcasting in Los Angeles.

And throughout the next year, we'll be spotlighting the biggest moments and the most important stories, we've been honored to share with you.

We take a look back at the murder trial of Lyle and Eric Menendez. The Beverly Hills brothers convicted of murdering their parents in 1989.

They seemed like a family that had it all. Jose Menendez, his wife Kitty and their sons Erik and Lyle.

Jose was a wealthy movie studio exec who came from Cuba to the United States and had dreams of becoming a US senator. Kitty was a devoted homemaker. She was dedicated to her husband and their sons.

Erik and Lyle were nationally ranked tennis players. "But behind the gates of the mansion it was a different story," says Robert Rand, author of the new book The Menendez Murders.

On August 20, 1989... A 911 call... Jose and Kitty were found brutally murdered in their Beverly Hills home.

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Their sons were eventually arrested in a case that would be watched across the world. KTTV was there to cover it all and with the help of video from our archives and Robert Rand we look back at one of the thousands of stories we've covered in the almost 70 year history of channel 11.