Broken L.A. sidewalk leads to terrifying emergency room trip for child

A broken sidewalk in the Palms area led to a terrifying trip to the emergency room for one child.

The incident happened March 1, in a dark Mentone Avenue after the family left a dinner party. 4-year-old Timotee Jorda was asleep in his father's arm when he tripped and fell on a broken city sidewalk. The man scraped his arm trying to cushion the boy but Timotee hit his head on impact.

Timotee suffered a nasty bump and cut to his face but will recover, his mother said. His parents continue to monitor him to make sure no other health problems present themselves.

Los Angeles infrastructure clearly needs work -- from potholes to water main breaks, there are all sorts of problems. Now, Christelle Jorda , Timotee's mother, is raising awareness so what happened to her son doesn't happen to anyone else.

"It could have been deadly for someone else. I realize how badly the whole street was. If you are a disabled person, you cannot use it. If you have a stroller, it's impossible," Jorda said.

Jorda says the sidewalks have been virtually impassable for years. Sturdy tree roots have crumbled the concrete turning the entire block into a perilous obstacle course.