Blake Anderson: Security guard beaten by LA County deputies during arrest breaks silence

For the first time, we are hearing from the security guard who was beaten by Los Angeles County deputies before his arrest. 

Earlier in the week, video captured on a cell phone showed the security guard, identified as Blake Anderson, being brutally arrested by two LA County Sheriff's Department deputies outside Luxor Hookah Lounge on Century Boulevard in Inglewood. Over the course of this week, Anderson's family questioned LASD's use-of-force decision in the incident that ultimately left Anderson seriously hurt and allegedly losing an eye.

On Friday, Anderson spoke alongside civil rights attorney Ben Crump in a press conference. Anderson recalled what happened on the night that left him with an eye injury.

"As I was doing my job, the police just brutally just attacked me for no reason. So I asked them, ‘What did I do? What did I do?’ And as I yell out, ‘What did I do? They just slam my head and throw punches,’" Anderson said.

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Crump also questioned the handling of LASD's arrest of Anderson.

"Not just excessive force, but brutality. When you look at that video, I'm sure everybody will agree that they are slamming his head into the ground repeatedly. What kind of training is that?" Crump said.

The press conference Friday comes after Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva issued a rebuttal against social media's response to Anderson's violent arrest. Villanueva on Thursday called the social media outcry in support of Anderson "#FalseReporting" by "activists in reporters' clothing."

"What other ‘reports’ have you embellished and misled in order to gain notoriety?" Villanueva said on social media Thursday.

Villanueva said earlier in the week that Anderson was on active parole at the time of his arrest and was prohibited from owning and possessing a gun. The Sheriff also claims Anderson was not an employee of the hookah lounge. He did, however, admit that the force used was concerning and vowed to continue reviewing the incident.

"Proper admin action will result depending on outcome," Villanueva said on social media Thursday.

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Anderson was charged with felony in possession of a firearm, felony in possession of ammunition, possession of a (loaded) concealed firearm, and assault on a peace officer with a firearm.

Anyone who witnessed the arrest is asked to call LASD’s South LA Sheriff’s Station at 323-820-6700.