Hundreds of beagles up for adoption in SoCal after being rescued from breeding facility

Hundreds of beagles will be up for adoption after thousands were rescued from a now-closed breeding facility.

These sweet brown eyes have been behind bars for years – the beagle has never stepped foot (or paw) on grass. Before about 4,000 were rescued, many were manipulated and tortured over and over.

Priceless Pet Rescue in Chino Hills is one of the facilities helping the beagles find their forever homes. The shelter's spokesperson Ashlee Price said one of her favorites is about five years old and the poor Beagle had been confined inside a kennel for her entire life.

"To think five years is a long time to just be in a kennel," Price said.

These beagles had arrived in Southern California after being rescued from a breeding facility in the east coast. The lab is being sued by the feds after being cited too many times over inhumane violations, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

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Beagles are laboratories’ dog breed of choice because of their sweet demeanor. 

"They just make a really good test subject, unfortunately," Price said. "They’re forgiving. They’re loving. They’re a good size so when you can have them, you can pick them up, you can manipulate them. It’s a good size point."

Price adds it was horrible what those pups went through in the breeding lab.

"If you ever see the videos of animals being tortured, they have the masks on," she said. "Like when they’re inhaling nicotine to see if it’s going to affect us and our lungs. However, there are tons of lab testing done on cosmetics, hair, pharmaceuticals that can be done without using laboratory animals, so it’s always recommended to purchase products that are cruelty-free. That really does make a difference."

The veterinarians at Priceless Pet Rescue spay, neuter and microchip the beagles, trim their nails and prepare them for the good life they’ve never known. Priceless Pets welcomes volunteers, fosters, donations and people who are going to give these beagles the love they so desperately want to give right back.

Adoptions start Thursday. Those looking to meet the pups in person or looking to provide a loving forever home can click here for more information.