Apple to move the end-call button on iPhones in new software update

FILE-A man holds Apple's new smartphone models, the iPhone 11 Pro (l) and the iPhone 11 Pro Max at the Steve Jobs Theater on the corporate campus. (Christoph Dernbach/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Hanging up that phone call? The location of Apple's red end-call button is set to slightly move with upcoming iOS 17 updates to the phone app, so be wary of your thumb's muscle memory.

As iPhone users know, the "End" button currently sits prominently away from other call options, in a center position towards the bottom of the screen. But with iOS 17, which officially launches this fall, the red icon will move the right — and other features will move down to join it.

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While a iOS 17 preview guide from Apple showed this new setup in June, renewed attention has increased as some explore beta versions of the software upgrade. Images from iOS 17 beta versions shared by multiple news outlets this week show the small — but potentially frustrating — change.

Beyond the end button, there are additional changes to the placement of other call features seen on past iOS versions. The "Mute" and "Speaker" buttons, for example, have swapped — as have the "FaceTime" and "Keyboard" options. And it appears the feature allowing you to search for contacts has merged with the add call option.

The changes have already received reactions on social media, where some predict having some muscle memory errors — noting it could take some time to adjust.

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It's unclear if the call functions will change further before iOS 17 officially rolls out. The Associated Press reached out to Apple for comment Wednesday.

As Apple notes on its website, the company's beta program allows some Apple users to test out software before it's released. Feedback from participants helps Apple identify issues and improve software programs before they're commercially released.

Beyond potential tweaks to call icon locations, iOS 17 is set to bring an array of new features to Apple customers — including improved autocorrect, a new journal app and live voicemail transcription with the ability to pick up and answer as someone is leaving a message.