Antelope Valley Dog and Cat Rescue: 'Sanctuary for the unwanted'

As a reporter, I meet lots of people and pets every day. I love visiting for a few minutes here and there with a dog or a cat. Rarely, do I find one that outright hates me.

That is until today.

"She doesn't like men and she doesn't like you," Vilma Drever said of Roddy.

Roddy is a Husky Rottweiler who Drever thinks was mistreated by a male owner. She apparently grumbles and growls at every man that walks by... like me.

It's not me, it's people that some of Drever's dogs don't like because of the way they were treated before they were dumped on her remote desert property or rescued by the 85-year-old.

Drever's Sanctuary for the Unwanted is, officially, called the Antelope Valley Dog and Cat Rescue.

She points to animal-after-animal and says things like "she's been tortured," and that's one was "mistreated."

There are about 50 dogs and 100 cats, and Drever believes there's a growing problem with stray dogs and cats in the Antelope Valley.

She thinks a lack of spaying and neutering is leading to more puppies and kitties being born in the desert and the population keeps growing. She's not interested in adopting out any of her 150. She'd rather people go rescue others.

There are a lot of strays in the AV. Since August of 2015, LA Animal Control officials say 8,063 stray dogs and 6,329 stray cats have been impounded at local Antelope Valley shelters.

When asked what she would like to say to people who mistreat their dogs or cats or throw them away, Drever said, "I'd like to do the same thing back to them."

Drever's organization has a website. You can find out more about it at

She started her rescue in the late 90's. Why does she do what she does for stray dogs and cats?

She says because she loves them!

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