Amazon driver caught on camera peeing on Riverside porch

An Amazon driver was caught on camera urinating on a porch in Riverside after delivering a package recently.

The man who lives at the home said the driver dropped off his package and rang the doorbell, triggering the doorbell camera. That's when the man said he was notified, and watched the video feed to ensure the package was delivered safely. But he didn't expect what he saw next.

Just after leaving the package at the front door, the camera captured the Amazon driver undoing his fly and proceeding to urinate all over the front porch. The homeowner said that the driver's urine got on his son's bicycle.


In a statement to FOX 11, Amazon spokesperson Richard Rocha called the act "unacceptable, and we've reached out to the customer to apologize. We've also taken steps to ensure the driver no longer delivers packages for Amazon."