Days before his death, Aaron Carter expressed wanting to help Kanye West

Days before his sudden passing, Aaron Carter appeared on the "No Jumper" podcast to give an update on his life and share his opinion on hot topics, including the controversy surrounding Ye, the artist formerly known as Kanye West.

"I’ve been on the fence about Kanye for a minute," Cater told podcast host Adam Grandmaison.

Carter appeared to be in good spirits and shared his opinions with no filter.

During Paris Fashion Week, Ye along with conservative political commentator Candace Owens wore shirts that said "White Lives Matter." Days later, he spoke about George Floyd’s death, who was murdered at the hands of Minneapolis police officers. Those comments led to a $250 million lawsuit and around the same time, Ye made antisemitic comments that erupted into a media firestorm and caused companies to cut ties with him.

"In my opinion right now, Kanye, you [expletive] stupid as s---." For putting out a [expletive] White Lives Matter shirt when the white population isn’t being targeted and dealing with prejudice and racism and all this bull----," he said.

Carter shared that he grew up working with Black musicians who also had worked with other artists such as Blackstreet, Jodeci, and Janet Jackson. Therefore, Carter felt comfortable discussing race. 

"That’s what Black Lives Matter stood for is all this injustice that’s been done to the Black community. So, when I saw that I was like ‘you know what? What the f--- is he doing? Because I’m like bro like, seriously? You’re stupid as f---. You’re a broke a --boy."

Despite Ye being a billionaire at the time, Carter said "In your mind Kanye, you’re broke."

Carter added Ye was "stupid" for donating "White Lives Matter" shirts to the homeless in Los Angeles and said he had recently donated 40 outfits to the unsheltered.


Despite his disapproval of Ye’s antics, Carter said he’d still be willing to make music with him, and perhaps could offer Ye some advice.

"I would do a song with Kanye…maybe I can give you an intellectual conversation about how you’re being stupid as f--- like me." 

Carter went on to critique Ye’s current appearance saying, "There’s a reason why Kim left you. Like c’mon man, get it together."

When talking about his own love life, Carter said the only person who has ever broken up with him is Hilary Duff.

Following his death, Duff wrote a touching tribute to her ex.

"I’m deeply sorry that life was so hard for you and that you had to struggle in-front of the whole world. You had a charm that was absolutely effervescent…boy did my teenage self love you deeply. Sending love to your family at this time. Rest easy," Duff shared on Instagram.

On Saturday, Nov. 5., Carter was found dead at his Lancaster home at the age of 34.

The cause of his death is under investigation.