72-year-old skydiver's dentures fly from mouth, hit instructor's head

Polly Chester's smile couldn't get much bigger on October 22.

The 72-year-old grandmother decided it was time to mark skydiving off her bucket list. She traveled from Independence Virginia to Plant City for the jump.

"She was very excited, with just a hint of apprehension," said her son-in-law Butch David.

For months, Polly's daughter and her son-in-law helped her plan the trip. When the big day came she was ready.

"I wasn't nervous or afraid," she said.

When Polly jumped, she opened her mouth. A few seconds later, her top set of dentures flew out.

"When I shut my mouth, they were gone and I said some naughty words," she recalled. "I didn't feel them fall out. I just realized they were gone. The guy behind me says they hit me in my head. I'm glad I didn't knock him out."

Video was taken during the jump. It has been played over and over.

"Everybody had a lot of fun over it and so did I. It was just an expensive jump after I had to buy a new plate," she continued.

The video has provided laughs for family, friends, and strangers and now a TV and internet audience that's global.

"Somebody told me it would be a memorable and eventful time for me, and it was," she said.

Replacing her teeth cost more than the jump. But $975 later, Polly said there is no regrets.

"Live your life to the best," she added. "You don't have it but once and enjoy it, get a lot of laughs."