4 simple ways to save money in 2018

New year, new you-- With these tips, "2018 you" will be saving and making more money.

1. Take a ruthless look at your monthly bills. Cut the cable cord, only keep the streaming services you really use, update your cell phone plan, and go AGAINST the resolution grain by cancelling your unused gym membership. Join an intramural team or a free fitness group, instead.

2. Get a second gig to supplement your income, now that you're watching less TV. Apps like lyft, postmates, and taskrabbit make finding extra work easier than ever.

3. Save money while getting healthy. Quit smoking and save hundreds each year. Eat in, instead of dining out. Your wallet and waistline will thank you. And when you do treat yourself to a meal out, don't order alcohol, which can easily double your bill.

4. And finally, make saving fun by making it a game. Challenge yourself to bring your lunch to work every day for a week. Take a month where you only pay for necessities. Challenge yourself for multiple months!

Even if you only stick to a few resolutions, you'll be in better financial shape come 2019. Happy New Year!