In Depth: Amazon Fires

SEGMENT A:  The Politics of Fire

According to some reports, the fires in the Amazon rainforest have burned 2.5 million acres so far. What impact will that have on the rest of the world?  This week on Fox 11 News In Depth, Hal Eisner talks with Atossa Soltani, founder and board president of Amazon Watch; Cheyenne Bizon, an eco-educator from the group TreePeople; Jack Eidt OF SoCal 350 Climate Action; and Karen North, a Social Media Professor at USC's Annenberg School.

SEGMENT B:   California Fires and Climate Change

We continue the discussion on the fires burning in the Amazon rainforest, and find out what impact Climate Change is having on the huge wildfires that have devastated California over the past few years.

SEGMENT C:  Southern California Environmental Groups

We look at the conservation, environmental and educational work being done by three organizations in Southern California: TreePeople, SoCal 350 Climate Action, and Amazon Watch.

SEGMENT D:  Final Thoughts

We preview our latest Podcasts, and have a final word from our guests.